Linda´s story – deeply in love with the boss

Linda´s story – deeply in love with the boss

Oct 21, 2019 Threesome by Mr. X

My name is Linda and I am in my mid twenties. Yes, age does not matter right? So why should anyone try to guess my age? I know I am not so beautiful or sophisticated so to say, but I can make heads turn whenever I walk by. I have had past relationships with older men, but none would get me as committed as with my love life with my colleague and boss.

Let me take us down my memory lane. Everyone knows that when one gets employed by any company, he or she is mandated to sign the policy of the company concerning workplace affairs. This policy prohibits two colleagues to have an affair or be seen exhibiting inappropriate behavior within the premises of the company. Well, I deviated from the rules. In the past two months, I have seen myself doing quite the opposite of what the policy emphasized on.

Yeah, you heard me right? I can’t even believe it myself considering how long it took me to land this current job. But I really can’t help it. I have been a victim of emotional hurt in my past relationships with men. I am willing to risk it all for this one.

Mr. Mike is my boyfriend. He is the head of the IT auditing unit which is also the unit I work with at my workplace. So, as you can see he is my boss. Mike is quite attractive, handsome and looks so gorgeous in tuxedos. It is as if he was born in those tuxedos. I have only seen him on a casual wear twice and those times were when I visited him in his apartment. Nevertheless, I have always been his respectful and humble secretary. I never let my familiarity with him stop me from giving him the ethical respect expected of me.

Mike has a way of making me drool over him. Before we started out affair, he never showed signs that he was interested in me. I never knew that my countenance was making him have mutual feelings for me. It was not until one fateful morning that an incident made him express his feelings towards me.

I was really having a bad day that morning after being drenched by a heavy rain. Some documents I was taking to work were soaked by the rain, with my clothes clinging voraciously to all the contours and curves in my body. I bumped into Mike at the elevator and the papers in my file flew all over the floor. He made attempt to help me pick up some but I hesitated. I told him I could handle the situation on my own. I bent over to pick the papers, which unintentionally made me place my behind directly close to his groin. Mike let out a slight groan and I stood upright to apologized almost immediately.

“No offence taken ma’am”, he replied. I wanted to get the papers again when I felt his strong arms grab me from behind. He steadied me and then blurted out,

“Well, Miss Linda, what a nice view from behind you got there”

I could sense he was trying to start up a flirtatious mood inside the elevator. The elevator is well secured and is meant for only the members of the IT auditing unit. It has no CCTV since the entrance to the main unit is laden with numerous CCTVs and motion detectors. The elevator door opened on the tenth floor and he went straight to his office. I admired him while I moved to my office as well. Mike is about 6”2 tall and possesses a body that could be likened to that of a demigod. He looks as if he has been molded by the best sculptor in the world. I almost forgot that I have a document to give him that morning. So I had to go back to his office after sorting my files out.

I entered his office and he stared into my eyes as if he wanted to reciprocate how I was staring at him five minutes earlier. I wanted to apologize and explain how what I did was not intentional when he immediately walked close to me. I thought he wanted to look at the document but then he surprised me.


My lips were greeted with a deep warm kiss from Mike. I stood there for over 40 seconds unmoved, but I could not resist him. This is what I had wanted for so long. I moved close to him and returned the kiss passionately. He held me tight and quickly explored my partially wet body with his soft hands. I gave him the consent to do whatever he wanted without hesitation. I did not mind acting like a slut that day. I have been starved of this moment for a long time.

I reached out for his thighs and felt the bulge in between his legs. I massaged it for a while then I got my senses back. I pulled away from him and went straight back to my office. I felt so ashamed but I was kind of happy. I would not mind doing it again but at least in a more clandestine manner.

At the buzz of the intercom during break time, Mike summoned me to his office.

“How do you see me Miss Linda?” he asked.

The question was not suspiring though. I smiled and did not say a word. I could perceive his cologne which was luring me back again to his thighs. I could not believe that I will be yearning to wish that it all happened in a place where it can be dangerous to make love.

“I don’t know what to say sir; I can’t define you with just a kiss”

He let out a smile and I was turned on by the dimples on his cheeks. Then it all happened. He came close to me and kissed me again. This time, he reached out for my neck and my earlobes. I let out a strong moan. He rushed immediately to lock the door firmly with his security card. I closed my eyes, and noticed his lips going close to my breasts. His hands were pulling up my dress which I could barely notice. It was till I felt his hands in between my thighs that I let out a deep moan. He nudged my legs open with his knees and his hands reached out for my lingerie. A rush of cold sensation went to my spine when he placed his lips on my breast. His hands shifted my lingerie and he was able to penetrate me. I let out a slight scream as his fingers did justice to my wetness. He kept thrusting his fingers as he had inserted two more fingers into me. All the pleasure was cut short as his phone rang. I heard the VoIP message from the Sales team lead and we all retuned back to reality. I started adjusting myself and prepared to move out. He turned and gave me a kiss once more and we both gave each other an alluring smile. I left for my office. I could not believe that was the beginning of my sexcapades with him.

Yea, it started in a stereotypical manner right? But I was willing to take that risk. From that day onwards, we started dating. We had sex many times in his office and sometimes in our apartments. Mike is the type of man I have always craved to have. I don’t care if he is already in his late forties; he makes me feel loved once again. He satisfies my sexual craving and loves me back equally. I am writing this story to know if I can get any advice from an outside party. Mike has promised to get me a better job because he has good connections outside the company. I am living on this promise and I am willing to risk my current job for him.

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